Do you understand motor trade insurance?

I’m sure it’s common knowledge that if you want to legally drive your car in UK you need car insurance. Anyone who drives a vehicle without having sufficient car insurance can be forced to pay some heavy fines and penalties and what’s worse, if they are involved in an accident the amount of money they will have to pay will be even more.

There are quite a few public notices as far as car insurance is concerned. There is quite a lot of information available on the internet as well. But when it comes to something like motor trade insurance in UK, it’s an entirely different matter altogether. This is a very important part of any business that involves cars if they want to continue working legally. This can range anywhere from a mechanic to a car salesman and even a trader. The main requirement here is related basically to the people who are using the vehicle. And if you’re thinking that you will drive your private vehicle for work without anyone noticing, you may be able to get away with it for a while but eventually you will get caught and the fines are quite hefty. You will be much better off just paying for the insurance instead.

There are three basic types of insurance for you to choose from here, namely:

1. Liability insurance: This is a type of insurance which deals with businesses that have a number of employees driving their vehicles. It covers the employees as well as the vehicles being used.

2. Road risk insurance: This is the cheapest type of motor trade insurance & is a minimum basic requirement for any business that wants to legally involve cars.

3. Combined insurance: As you may have already guessed it, this type of insurance is a combination of both of the above and is taken by people who need extra protection for their vehicles and employees.

So now that you know the three basic types of insurance, it’s time you started researching about each of them and made a choice. There is no point in wasting time on any other policies or trying to find loopholes in the laws. The simplest way for you to get rid of all your problems so that you get time to focus on growing and improving your business instead of worrying about being arrested all the time is getting car insurance.


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